LEO Space Photonics presents SIPHODIAS optical transceiver at ICSO 2022

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Leontios Stampoulidis (LEO) presenting at ICSO 2022

Leontios Stampoulidis (LEO Space Photonics) presented the talk titled: “High-speed optical transceiver integrated chipset and module for on-board VCSEL-based satellite optical interconnects” at the International Conference on Space Optics — ICSO 2022, in Dubrovnik, Croatia.


We present the fabrication and testing of a prototype high-speed, quad-channel mid-board optics transceiver chipset and module applicable to VCSEL-based intra-satellite optical interconnects. The optical transceiver (OTRx) chipset comprises a VCSEL driver and a TIA integrated circuit (IC) both manufactured in IHP 130 nm SiGe BiCMOS process. The 4-channel OTRx module operates at 850 nm wavelength. It features low power consumption, a small form factor and it is pluggable on the host board through a micro edge card (MEC) connector. We present first functional test results in loop-back configuration at data rates up to 15 Gb/s per channel. The work is performed within the framework of H2020-SPACE-SIPHODIAS project. Additional presentation content can be accessed on the supplemental content page.

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